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[Chasing Punches] – Carbon Steel




A starter set of punches to get you into the wonderful world of chasing and repoussé! These 7 punches are all handmade from hardened and tempered steel. They are square in section for ease of indexing and turning during use and supplied with a mirror polish on the working ends and a forged taper on the striking end to help channel your hammer strikes and resist ‘mushrooming’. This set represents a considerable saving over buying the punches individually and will provide enough versatility to do medium scale projects like pictures, silversmithing work, and larger jewellery items like bangles and pendants. The punches are all 12cm long.
The sizes are as follows:
Rectangular punch 6x8mm
Large oval 10x12mm
Small oval 8x4mm
Flat D shape planisher 4mm
Round planisher 4mm
Straight liner 6mm
Straight liner 8mm

All sizes are approximate because of the hand ground and polished nature of the punches.

Tariff code for import duty, 82055980

Please wear the appropriate safety gear when using punches.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 120 × 70 × 13 mm