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[Hand Forged Scribes] – High Carbon Steel


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Handforged from high carbon steel and finished with decorative twists, these scribes are the perfect way to create accurate lines on metal, plastic and a host of other materials.
A scribe is used to score a physical mark on the surface of your metal, so it won’t get rubbed out and won’t be erased by heat, if you are soldering or welding. The line is far finer than any pencil or pen and you can physically feel it, for accurate positioning of centre punch marks or further measuring.

Suitable for use on all the usual metals, brass, copper silver, gold, steel etc. The scribe is hardened and tempered, creating a strong and sharp point. Please note, a scribe is a cutting tool, and like all cutting tools, it should be kept sharp to work correctly. The tip can be easily sharpened on your regular sharpening stone or diamond plate.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 150 × 5 × 5 mm

Twist 1, Twist 2, Twist 3, Twist 4, Twist 5