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[Harvest Mice Earrings] – Sterling Silver, Tourmaline


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A delicate earring celebrating the tiny harvest mouse. Harvest mice are known for their spherical grass nests and their athletic abilities. They are the only mammal in Britain to have a prehensile tail and this aids their climbing up grass stalks. My earrings feature a tiny mouse on a tiny ear of wheat, with his tail wrapped tightly round the stem so he doesn’t fall off! The earrings are finished with a random selection of tiny Tourmaline micro-beads to add a subtle hint of colour.
These are delicate and sophisticated celebrations of one of our most endangered species.

All these earrings are made from original models, hand-carved by me and then cast and finished with handmade earwires in my little workshop in Truro.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for your earrings to be made. I do try to keep a stock of most of my animals but this is not always possible all the time.

These earrings are solid sterling silver and will cause no nickel allergies.