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Large Chef’s Knife


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This is the kitchen workhorse knife.

At 8 inches long, this knife is able to handle just about any cutting task in the kitchen. the fine blade and the distal taper makes the knife graceful to use and comfortable for long periods of use. The wide profile to the blade makes it easy to scoop up food to transfer it to the pan or a plate and the blade is deep enough so that you will not hit your knuckles on the board as you cut.

The blade is made from Sandvik 14C28N high carbon stainless steel and is hardened and tempered to give a blade that is strong, flexible and will take a razor edge. The blade is sharpened to 17 degrees and you should strive to keep this angle when you sharpen the blade, for peak performance.

The handle is made from stabilised wood, which is wood that has been vacuum treated to be moisture resistant. This means that the wood will stay beautiful for many years. To restore the lustre after use, the wood can be treated with a drying oil, such as Linseed, Tung or Danish oil. Simply follow the instructions on the can.

This knife can be washed as normal and will not rust under normal usage. It is recommended the knife is not left to soak as this could harm the wooden handle. It is also recommended that the knife is dried immediately after washing.


While it will survive its trip, the harsh chemicals will damage the handle and could harm the blade, and that would be a shame!