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[Candlesticks] – Sterling Silver


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These candlesticks are inspired by the lighthouses that dot our rugged coastline, protecting ships from the unforgiving rocks. Available either individually, or as a set, the granite textures of the silver allow the candlelight to sparkle and play around the room. I like to set a tall candlestick in the centre of the display and have the tea-lights set to reflect inwards, from its surface. The tea-light holders also work very well on a mantlepiece, the reflectors meaning the light is directed out, into the room.

The tall candlesticks take a standard 7/8th inch candle and stand at 8 1/2 inches tall. The smaller holders take a standard tea-light, or can be used for pillar candles if preferred. The reflectors on the tea-light holders are free to rotate, which allows the light to be directed wherever you wish, and can be lifted off for ease of cleaning or to allow a taller candle to be used in the bases. The tea-light holders are 4/12 inches tall, including the reflectors. These candlesticks are made from sterling silver, with the inside surface of the reflectors plated with pure gold to give a lovely glow. The underside of the candlesticks are covered in felt, to protect the surface they stand upon.

These candlesticks are made to order, and normally take 6-8 weeks to complete. For a price for a custom number of candlesticks, please contact me.

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Tall candlestick, individual, Tea-light holder, individual, Tall candlestick, pair, Tea-light holder, pair, Set of one tall and two tea-lights, Set of two tall and two tea-lights