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[Winter Solace] – Britannia Silver

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The inspiration for this piece came from a desire to reconnect with the ancient people of Cornwall and to reconnect with my own childhood.
The lives of those who lived before us were governed by the seasons and they saw the hidden life within these cycles. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were exploring the remains of the hill-forts and settlements, particularly the Fogu of Carn Euny.
Such places allow your imagination to run wild with stories of dryads and spirits, the gods and goddesses of our ancestors, inhabiting trees and stones and the very air we breathe.

Winter Solace is a story of the turning of the seasons. The enamel bowl is a winter pool, filled with tattered leaves. The tree branches of the stem are bare and lifeless.
However, hidden beneath the base of the goblet, the Green Man of Spring and rebirth is there, quietly waiting for the right time to stir the sap and cause new life to burst forth!

Your special goblet is available to order, just contact me to begin the process.

approximately 15cm tall.