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[My Favourite Place] – Silver and Enamel Pendants




These pendants capture the essence of your favourite Cornish places. Hand-wrought from layers of sterling silver, with details picked out in ocean-blue enamel, they shape the salt tang of the air and the cries of the gulls into tangible, beautiful jewellery. What a way to remember your holiday!

Inspired by vintage cartography, the pendants map a cove, beach or favourite haunt somewhere in Cornwall. The surfaces are hand-textured to reflect the unique contours of this beautiful land. The glowing enamel highlights the natural and man-made features such as rivers, lakes and prehistoric sites – and the Perranporth open-air swimming pool!

Each pendant has its place-name stamped on the reverse.

A perfect memory of a special place.

Currently, I have made a few of my favourite beaches and places – and will make yours to order! Please check my Portfolio page for examples of other people’s favourite places I have recreated.

Each pendant comes with a stylish, modern, silver ‘snake’ chain (18 inches long).

Please contact me to order a custom pendant