[Stegomastodon Earrings] – Sterling Silver




Everyone has heard of the Mammoth, but the family of animals known as Stegomastodons are less well known. Coming across an ‘Artist’s Impression’ of one of these Elephant like animals some years ago, left me with a deep affection for the hairy beasties. Celebrate life from 4 million years ago with some miniature Mastodons!

All these earrings are made from original models, hand-carved by me and then cast and finished in my little workshop in Truro.
Bear in mind, these will be made to order in batches and so, depending on how many orders I get, there will be some delay in receiving your earrings. Rest assured though, I have your order and I will get to it in time.

These earrings are solid sterling silver and will cause no nickel allergies.