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[Stegomastodon Necklace] – Sterling Silver


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Everyone has heard of the Mammoth, but the family of animals known as Stegomastodons are less well known. Coming across an ‘Artist’s Impression’ of one of these Elephant like animals some years ago, left me with a deep affection for the hairy beasties. Celebrate life from 4 million years ago with some miniature Mastodons!

These necklaces are made from original models, hand-carved by me and then cast and finished with 18 inch silver chains in my little workshop in Truro.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for your necklaces to be made. I do try to keep a stock of most of my animals but this is not always possible all the time.

These necklaces are solid sterling silver and will cause no nickel allergies. The gold plated variety are also solid silver, under the gold layer.

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